Black womxn matter. I see all these beautiful queens around me and all I can think is, I wish the world would see you more. Not in a way that white people portray you, but the way you are. Beautiful, elegant and soft. ⁠

I have heard the words ‘being strong’ as long as I remember and to be honest we as womxn of color have days that we’re done being strong. Because what does this mean when we want to be vulnerable? Are our feelings still valid? Does this mean that we should never shed a tear and that our ‘softness’ is mistaken for weakness? We are strong, but being strong does not mean that we do not feel or feel less pain. Being strong does not mean we do not feel the power of patriarchy of both white men and men of color.⁠

Lift us up as we deserve, treat your womxn better. See us for who we want to be. But even more important, see us for who we truly are. ⁠

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